Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Exciting New Experiences for RUPHIL?

We have taken two exciting steps in the life or RUPHIL in the last week.  First, we engaged with Inside Edge Public Relations and Media Services.  They are going to assist us in getting the word out about what we do, which is ultimately to help survivors of sexual abuse to get on the road to healing.

Second we started a relationship with Novel Thoughts Video Production Company.  Today we worked with Brian at Novel Thoughts to film short snippets for our website www.ruphil.com and for this blog.

What an exciting day!  I have gone from being too ashamed to speak of my experience as a survivor of sexual abuse, to now saying it repeatedly in front of people I have never met before.  I say repeatedly because I shockingly did not complete each snippet on the first take!  I have to say I am proud of myself as a survivor.

As I reflect on my time in front of the camera today I think about the emotions and sensations that I had.    
With each take I felt more and more the opposite of the words and feelings I was talking about.  The more I discussed shame, pain, depression and embarrassment, the stronger, more confident and the more passionate I felt.  It felt and feels like I am doing something that will inspire the lives of others.

Shame, pain and embarrassment are weapons that our abusers use against us.  The only way to take those weapons away from them is to communicate those experiences and feelings to the world.

R.U.P.H.I.L?  R U Playing Hurt in Life?    

That's All I Got!
I'm Out!
Duane Lytle