Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Process of "Going Public"

Yesterday I took the next step in "going public" with my childhood sexual abuse.  I was interviewed by a local paper who pursued the story after hearing about it through our great P.R. guy Matt Baron at Inside Edge.

I found this process to be more awkward for me than talking to a room of strangers about my abuse or talking into a camera about the abuse.  I think because it was intimate conversation and I knew this 'intimate' conversation would be made public in the near future in the form of an article in the local paper.  This virtually guarantees that plenty of people who know me but not that intimately will know my story.  Even now thinking about it I get a pit in my stomach.

Despite that 'pit' I forced myself to be as open and as engaging as I could.  I tried not to pull punches and just talk about my experience and why I started RUPHIL.  I have talked with many reporters in my life but almost always in a sports capacity.  This time I was talking with a reporter that knows about my story but I knew nothing about her and I had to emotionally strip naked in front of her and anyone who will read the article when it comes out.

I felt like she asked her questions on and off the record in a sensitive and caring manner no matter how hard the question.  Her style made the process go as smooth as it could be and I am thankful for that.

We met at the public library and just found a place to talk.  There were people somewhat close by that I am sure could here our conversation.  I was very aware of their presence.  As I talked I could feel my head starting to perspire.  I just kept telling myself to be open.  We finished by taking a picture for the article.

Afterwards, as I was walking to my car I again felt proud and felt that I cleared another hurdle.  A hurdle that will bring others to the table to discuss their experiences.

Next up is a profile with some bigger publications including the Chicago Tribune.  I will likely break out into a full sweat for that one!!

That's All I Got!
I'm Out!

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